Female Athletes Cycling for Charity

Have you ever felt inspired to make a list of the things you dream of accomplishing in your life and then had the discipline and drive to bring those dreams to fruition? What if those dreams were life transforming feats, like running the Boston Marathon, completing an Iron man, or even cycling for three days with your best friend from London to Paris to raise money for charity?

On a bright and sunny Wednesday morning, I met up at a Port of Spain Cafe with two phenomenal women Dr. Jackie Pereira Sabga, a general practitioner, chairman and medical director of Vitas House Hospice and Cherise Stauble a cancer survivor and retired clinical psychologist; they both consider themselves ordinary women doing extraordinary things. In 2014, these women along with five other mothers, sisters and wives ranging from ages thirty-five to fifty-two forged a sisterhood of unexpected friendship known as “Team Bucketlisters”. Their single goal was to successfully complete a half marathon together. What subsequently emerged from this group with no prior experience in endurance sport is so impressive, that it can inspire anyone to just do it! Cherise acknowledges

“In another life I would certainly have found an excuse not to do this.”

Dr. Jackie Sabga who has already competed in several triathlons readily admits that she was never a proficient swimmer, and learnt to both ride and swim in 2015. These “bucket listers” have collectively completed over twenty events since 2014 including the Miami, Boston Marathons, and Olympic Distance Triathlons.

In 2016, with a team from Trinidad and Tobago known as the “Augusta 6” Cherise, and Jackie completed their first Ironman 70.3 which consists of a 1,900 metre swim, 90 kilometre ride and finishes with a half marathon; “It was gruelling, training 13-14 hours a week with family, work, and training commitments”, through it all we supported each other, in our moments of fatigue we laughed and looked forward to meals together. The dynamic duo agrees that the symbiosis between them is what keeps them motivated, to seek new adventures and to accomplish more.

With a friendship that has extended beyond training and competitive races, their ties are even stronger through their support over the years of several organisations dedicated to cancer patients. A routine patient visit for Dr. Sabga and a casual mention of a relative who rode from London to Paris as a fundraising venture sparked her interest.

In July 2017, the duo will compete in the HotChillee London-to-Paris ride over the course of three days, with the emphasis on raising money for their favourite cancer charities: Their goal is to get donors to give one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000 TTD) for the Just Because Foundation, and the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society. The ladies will be part of a four hundred person group and will ride approximately 105 miles each day. Their hope is to inspire corporate interest as the fundraising component is an integral aspect of their race. They both agree that it is an innovative way for brands to get international visibility through two extraordinary women embarking on a laudable challenge.
For more information, visit: http://www.hotchillee.com/london-paris-tour-info/

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